Jumat, 05 Juni 2009


Oleh : Sugeng Abdullah, Suparmin, Soeparman


Biological indicators are forms of system on early detection for water pollution. Paramecium sp can be developed as biological indicator for heavy metal water pollution. Principally, experimental activities are carried out to find out the concentration of certain heavy metal (as pollution) in the water which can kill Paramecium sp.

The research aims to find out the influence of various concentrations of haevy metal towards the death of Paramecium sp and identify the possibility Paramecium sp which can be used as an indicator for pollution of body water.

A quasy experimental is undertaken with producing artificial waste water contaiened various concentration of certain heavy metal (Hg, Pb, Cr, Cu and Ag) and then it is inoculated into a breeding Paramecium sp. After inoculated for 24 hours, the number of Paramecium sp is calculated.

Research findings show that the number of Paramecium sp (before inoculating) in experimental I = 503,240 cell/ml, experimental II = 373,835 cell/ml, experimental III = 77,642 cell/ml. While the number of Paramecium sp in sampel after 24 hours with concentracion <NAB, >>NAB and control, qantitively there are differences. However, there are no significant in influences between various concentration of certain heavy metal and Paramecium sp. The same further research should be conducted with much more various concentrations of certain heavy metal and longer contact time for development of possibilities of Paramecium sp as biological indicator.

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