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Health Departement of Republic Indonesia
Health Polytechnic of Semarang
Environmental Health Faculty of Purwokerto
Diploma III Environmental Health Majoring
Scientific Research, June 2008

Study of Physiologist Aspect of Housing at Beji Sub-district, Pandanarum District, Banjarnegara Regency year of 2008
Xiii + 35 pages: picture, table, enclosure.

House is one of human primary need that has function as shelter or a place to live and protect from weather and other living creature, also a place the family grow. That’s why, a healthy, safe, harmonic, and well arranged is needed, so that it functions and use can be fulfilled properly.
Physiologist sanitation condition highly related to the health of human live inside. Housing sanitation research could be useful to investigating the reality of housing sanitation condition and it related factors. The research hoped to be useful in suggesting and input as the society condition.

Research about physiologist aspect included in the descriptive research, its aim is give a brief description and explaining the data in order investigating the true condition of housing sanitation.

The data collected trough: observation, measurement and interview with respondent. The analysis used is table, comparing the theory and realm.
The analysis result shows that the physiologist aspect of Beji Sub-district housing, Pandanarum District, Banjarnegara regency, which qualify the health standard (5.17%) and which didn’t qualify the health standard is (94.83%)

Counseling and mentoring from the Health Public Service officer, related department, must be held through good program arrangement, and the society participation is needed. So that optimum result could be obtained for increasing society health welfare in common and environmental housing health, especially for Beji Sub-district, Pandanarum District, Banjarnegara Regency.

Reference : 11 (1985 – 2002)
Keyword : House
Classification : -

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